ATF F 5320.4 (Form 4)

Step 1 - Purchase the suppressor will fit your caliber and barrel threading (Note - if your barrel is not threaded, you will need to purchase separately) A partially filled Form 4 will be emailed/mailed (your choice) to you that will include manufacturer information, model and serial number.

Step 2 - Locate your nearest FFL/SOT dealer as this is where you will eventually take possession of your purchase (Note -Just because they sell firearms does not make them eligible - make sure they have the appropriate license to sell suppressors)

Step 3 - Fill out the remaining portion of the Form 4's you receive from Zayin Tactical and the ATF Form 5330.20 Certification of Compliance. Once completed, you will need to provide one copy to your local chief law enforcement officer (CLEO). Generally, your CLEO is your local chief of police or sheriff.  In addition to these two forms, you will need 2 copies of fingerprints and 2 copies of photos. (I am here to help answer any questions you may have about this process - for now, its a little daunting; but I promise you it is worth it.) Also, I recommend you read the link below "Straight from the ATF" - its a wonderful, straight forward Q/A provided by the good people over at the The Firearm Blog.

Step 4 - Once you have everything filled out and have dropped a copy off to your CLEO, you are now ready to assemble your package to the ATF.  Here is a list of what should be included in your envelope. 

* Both copies of completed form 4.

* If you are paying the $200 by check, ensure it is included. (Payment can now be made by credit/debit on the form)

* 2 Passport photos.

* 2 Finger print cards.

Completed Form 5330.20

I recommend mailing at the very least with a delivery receipt request. To the following address:

National Firearms Act Branch

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives

P.O. Box 530298

Atlanta, GA 30353-0298

Step 5 - Now comes the easy part - waiting. Zayin Tactical will receive a copy of your Form 4 with your Tax Stamp affixed. Within minutes of receiving this form from the ATF, I will be notifying you of the receipt and giving you tracking information so that you will know exactly when it arrives at the FFL/SOT of your choice.

Download ATF F 5320.4 (Form 4) here.

Download ATF F 5330.20 (Certificate of Compliance) here.

Straight from the ATF - Everything you need to know.